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About VirusBom

 National Healthcare Quality Award in Taiwan

Effective against Corona-Virus

Gentle on skin. Environmentally friendly 

Expeditiously destroy bacteria and virus 

Certifications from universities , government authorities and SGS in Taiwan

VirusBom offers a totally new way to modern moms in sanitizing and disinfecting the home. It is an easy and effective way to protect the family from bacteria and virus. 

VirusBom disintegrates virus and bacteria

VirusBom is a molecular enzyme with redox ability. As soon as it comes into contact with virus or bacteria, it tears up its outer layer and the virus dies. 

Virusbom has been tested effective against HxNx virus series, including seasonal influenza viruses H2N2, H3N2, and H5N2. It is also effective against enterovirus 71, which is highly infectious amongst children.

A new era of physical disintegration

Form a barrier on surface of objects after applying VirusBom. When viruses and bacteria come into contact with VirusBom, they disintegrate and lose the ability to infect and replicate.

VirusBom uses its special chemical structure to fight against bacteria. Upon contact, VirusBom embeds and pulls apart the bacterial cell membrane, interact with the sugar, protein, esters and other organic substances inside the bacteria to destroy the bacteria by disintegrating the cell membrane and nutrients.

VirusBom kills bacteria and virus through physical mechanism, thus it is difficult bacteria and virus to develop resistance. VirusBom will have the same effect on the cell membrane even when bacteria mutate.

Ideal protection. Easy to use

How to use: Apply directly on objects such as clothes, masks, telephones, computers, keyboards, sofas, bus and MTR handles, tableware, door handles and other surfaces to form a protective film to effectively prevent external pollution.