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The disinfection product "VirusBom" developed by National Taiwan University was tested during SARS, and it was confirmed that this product effectively collapses H5N1 virus, enterovirus and other viruses and bacteria. According to the six anti-virus methods recommended by the Chinese disease management unit ("Notice on Printing and Distributing the Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Novel Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 4)"), some of them are harmful or dangerous to the body and are not ideal in actual use. .

1. The high temperature for 30 minutes can only be used to treat contaminated clothing and sheets, and cannot handle public space personnel
2. With 75% alcohol, the research report takes more than 4 minutes to cause protein denaturation and failure, but it often finishes volatilization in a short time, so the main effect is "wash out the volatilization and take away"
3. Chlorine-containing disinfectant will have an effect after 10-30 minutes. It is only suitable for regular disinfection of large areas. If you spray it on your hands, you need to wait for 10-30 minutes
4. Ether, dangerous and unsuitable
5. Peracetic acid, dangerous and unsuitable
6. Chloroform, dangerous and unsuitable

But for "VirusBom", using an atomic force microscope, evidence of collapse was found within 30 seconds, and the virus has been spread all over the field, which means that the rapid response and disinfection are definitely completed within 30 seconds.

VirusBom and eradication time: <30 seconds
75% alcohol: about 4 minutes
Hypochlorous acid system: more than 10 minutes

The relevant information can be found on the virus crash website:

VirusBom effect test report on virus

The following three are the key to whether the project can be tested on animals or humans